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Dallas MACNAMARA Presents:


From the Dallas Macnamara Interior Design Studio we are proud to present our niche client services - a mix and match of the different parts of the design elements involved in a full interior design service so that we can tailor our services to your needs.


Our Concept Edition provides you with a design blueprint from which to implement your own projects.  Our Lighting Edition is a bespoke lighting service appealing to the wider market as well as the luxury market.  Our Alpine Edition offers you the very latest technology solutions, while The Nautical Edition offers the best in luxury accessories for Yachts and Luxury Motor Boats.

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the concept edition

The Concept Edition gives you an overall concept including colour palette, and suggestions for layout and furniture  to incorporate into your scheme.


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the lighting edition

The Lighting Edition is a full design service from mood board through to project managing installation of your lighting scheme.


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the nautical edition

The Nautical Edition is specifically geared towards bespoke design for the yachting industry - a design world of its own.